Hey there!

I'm Tess,

I'm just a small town girl.... living in a cluttered world.

I love throwing things away. 

I love finding space, where there seems to be none.

I love transforming a room. 

I love helping others find hope. 

I loved to sort, purge and organize things.

I am not great at many things -most things, actually.

But I CAN bust out a decluttering project and clear overwhelming spaces...all with a smile on my face and a pep in my step! 

I can relate to most people and most circumstances. 

I can offer compassionate help, with no judgement. 

I am far from perfect-and not at all a perfectionist. 

I am genuine and authentic. 


My method is to consider the LAYERS of a space. Most overwhelming spaces did not become that way over night, it will usually take time to dig through the layers...

I've been able to help people who feel hopeless and buried in objects, to find the space to breathe easier.   

Honestly, life is much brighter when we can all breathe easier.

let's SIMPlify